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5 Takeaways from the Fast Company Innovation Festival

2019 marked the third year that AE Marketing Group participated in the FC Innovation Festival. If you were not in attendance, don’t worry. We are breaking down our top five takeaways for you.

S5 E79

Health Alliance CXO on the Healthcare Customer Experience

In the healthcare industry, which has historically low customer satisfaction scores, the Chief Experience Officer is a new but vital role.


How One Brand Lets Employees Be Real

AE Marketing Group shot documentary film and photography over nineteen days with Network Health employees in Milwaukee, Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh and Appleton. And they didn’t script a thing.


How one Millennial is Marketing Health Insurance to other Millennials

Network Health and AE Marketing Group executed an award-winning co-creation campaign that empowered Millennials all over WI to help design new products and experiences in health insurance.


Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer Penny Ransom in the Brand Lab™

Penny Ransom, Network Health's Chief Administrative Officer, sits down for a conversation on co-creation. Penny shares how co-creation can be used to engage a Millennial audience.

S3 E63

CHAARG Founder on Building a Movement of Empowered Women and Fitness

Elisabeth Tavierne founded CHAARG while studying at the Ohio State University. She noticed a divide between men and women in the weight room and took it upon herself to help girls find their fitness.

S1 E33

AE Marketing Group’s CEO on Documentary Storytelling for Brands

For all the industry chatter about "being authentic", few brands use documentary storytelling to actually be real.  Natalie interviews AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker about their latest documentary storytelling campaign for Network Health.

S1 E29

AON’s VP of Marketing on Healthcare Marketing and Global Brand

Quality is what consumers think of when it comes to a large global brand like AON. Ana Perez is back to talk about how people recognize AON's healthcare marketing, but their biggest challenge is living up to that recognition.

S1 E27

Outcome Health’s Operations Manager on Systems and Process in HealthTech

Sometimes companies get so caught up in the technology that they forget about the process. In healthtech, as in any company, process is the key to growth.

S1 E26

AON’s VP of Marketing on Launching and Marketing a New Category

Ana joins the Brand Lab Series™ to talk about building a strong go-to-market strategy in an emerging market. That market is private health exchanges, yes you read that right private, not public health exchanges.

S1 E24

Outcome Health’s Operations Manager Talks StartUp Growth & Scale

Outcome Health, formerly ContextMedia, has experienced explosive growth the past 5 years. However, growth and scale are child's play for Matt Kuzma, the company's Operations Manager.

S1 E19

AE Marketing Group’s CEO on Co-Creation and Customer Experience

Brian Walker continues his conversation with Penny Ransom, the Chief Administrative Officer of Network Health on one of the most important elements of the organization's success - healthcare co-creation.

S1 E18

Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer on Healthcare Branding & Rise to C-Suite

Most healthcare marketing managers don't rise to the C-Suite, but then Penny Ransom isn't like most people.  In Episode 18, Brian Walker welcomes Network Health's Chief Administrative Officer to share her journey and insight on healthcare marketing.