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AON’s VP of Marketing on Launching and Marketing a New Category

AON vice-president-Ana-Perez-launching-and-marketing-new-category

Ana Perez AON’s VP of Marketing on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 26

Marketing executive at AON, Ana Perez, knows all about risk. And, there isn’t anything riskier than launching a new category. Ana joins the Brand Lab Series™ to talk about building a strong go-to-market strategy in an emerging market. That market is private health exchanges, yes you read that right private, not public health exchanges.

Health insurance is expensive and complex. To combat the expense, AON developed a solution for employers and employees. However, to combat the complexity they turned to Ana and the marketing team.

As a new employee, it was an exciting opportunity for Ana. AON was already evolving marketing to be less communication-focused and the new exchange products were an opportunity to be more product focused.

However, AON did not fall into the trap marketers often do. The global brand recognized the need to educate consumers before they jumped into product feature functionality.

Ana talks about how both PR and content marketing helped consumers understand the healthcare landscape. This helped AON transform peoples’ thinking about benefits and costs.

Once AON launched the private health exchange category, so came competitors. “I think competition is a good thing, it forces us to not get comfortable,” says Perez. When asked about the ability to pivot, she added, “we operated like a startup inside a large company.”

In conclusion, Ana shares her advice for any executive looking to launch a new product or category. You’ll want to hear what she has to say.

Tags: Healthcare, Brand and Marketing

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