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The Future is Unknown: Rethinking the Economy During Coronavirus


The coronavirus has changed everything.  In the fifth in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about what it really means to reopen the economy with Bob Moesta. Bob is the President and CEO of ReWired Group, an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg, a guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT, and a research fellow at the Christensen Institute.

In this episode with Bob, you’ll learn about…

  • Prototyping for the Future
  • Becoming Comfortable with New Processes
  • Pent Up Demand
  • E-learning Innovation
  • The Need for Community
  • Making Tradeoffs

“If you think of coronavirus as a step backward, we as humans will always find a way forward.”


Tags: B2B, B2C, Healthcare, Technology, Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience, Employee Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, Technology

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