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Buyer Persona Lab Series™ from AE Marketing Group

Every organization must acquire new customers in order to grow its revenue.

And while sales and marketing teams work tirelessly to find, target, and attract potential customers, they can miss the mark. And when these teams miss, it leads to financial waste, missed opportunities, and not meeting C-suite expectations.  

The root cause is often because companies make the wrong assumptions about…

  • Why prospects buy products and services
  • Which prospects are more likely to buy products and services
  • How customers shop for products and services
  • What influences customers to purchase products and services

These assumptions drive marketers to spend too much time and energy trying to reach consumers in the wrong places with a promise to solve the wrong problems.

What they fail to understand is that the most effective way to inform who your best prospects will be, and how your organization can help them, is to look closely at the buyer personas of your current customers. 

While most companies know who their customers are, not all companies take the time to think through and define who their buyer personas are.

Buyer personas are a representation of your ideal customer based on research and data from your existing customers.

It is important to pinpoint the decision-makers and influencers within your customer base and sit down with them to learn all you can. Each individual will possess unique needs, motivations, and criteria that will influence their buying habits.  

Then, take this knowledge and apply it to new business ventures by delivering the right message, to the right consumers, in the right place.

93% of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals segment their database by buyer persona.

(Source: Marketing Insider Group)

At AE Marketing Group, we often work directly with C-suite executives as they make decisions across an entire organization. However, we also collaborate with Director level employees on a regular basis to implement our strategies. As these Directors are the main users of our services, these personas are just as important as C-suite executives. 

Understanding our director-level personas and their business challenges were the genesis for creating the Marketing Minute video series. These videos offer consumable pieces of advice on a variety of marketing-related topics to help our director-level personas become better at their jobs. 

Additionally, a better understanding of our C-suite personas led to the acceleration of the Brand Lab Series™ podcast. Knowing our personas’ pain points and definitions of success helped inform the topics we discuss and the guests we invite on the show.

In both cases learning more about the unique nature of our buyer personas armed us to increase customer value and AE Marketing Group revenue.