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Outcome Health’s Operations Manager Talks StartUp Growth & Scale

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Matt Kuzma Outcome Health’s Operations Manager on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 24

Outcome Health, formerly ContextMedia, has experienced explosive growth the past 5 years. However, growth and scale are child’s play for Matt Kuzma, the company’s Operations Manager.

From an early age, Matt was exposed to operations from his family’s restaurant. This helped him realize that “part of what we think of as great service is actually just great operations.” And this has held true through his career.

Matt has become a magnet for startup companies and shares his insight as former Director of Operations at Grubhub. This Chicago-based company was one of the first startups in the mobile food space to merge technology, delivery, and customer service. With such a detailed operations process, Matt had a hands-on role in their growth and scale from the beginning.

“Growth is great, but scale is better.” Matt shares that while growth is great for the company, you must be able to scale with this growth. When you grow fast and don’t scale it can lead to some hiccups along the way.

At Outcome Health, their health technology helps educate patients and engage in meaningful partnerships. Even Jim Higley, Chief Development Officer at Camp Kessem, and former Brand Lab Series™ guest has teamed up with Outcome Health.  Now together the two organizations provide health education and support to patients.

Matt shares that “the thought of great success comes from a mission that really matters.”

Tags: Healthcare, Technology, Entrepreneurship

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