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On the AE Marketing Group blog, you’ll find helpful and actionable insight on strategy, media, technology, marketing, customer experience, co-creation, employee advocacy, entrepreneurship, and more.


In addition to our written blog features, we also produce the award-winning Brand Lab Series Podcast and the Marketing Minute video series.

Why Marketing is a Dirty Word

For most of my career, I’ve had the ear of the c-suite.  Our conversations cover a range of business language, but one word has always stood out.  That word is “marketing” and all too often, it is considered dirty.

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Making Sense of B2B Thought Leadership

B2B Thought Leadership provides brands a strategic and revenue opportunity. AE Marketing Group shows how 6Sense seized both in TalkingSense™

How to Design Products and Services that People Actually Want to Buy

Implementing a co-creation strategy allows brands to hear input and ideas from all parties involved in the creation and use of their products/services.

Challenger Brands Face New Challenges Post Coronavirus

Challenger brands must think differently, both creatively and strategically, then the brands that currently exist in their space.

COVID Killed Your Buyer Personas and Customer Journey Map

Similar to a brand’s culture, buyer personas are living things that constantly evolve. If you created a customer journey map pre-COVID, it is now obsolete. 

What you Need to Know Before You Start a Podcast

Do you want to start a podcast? After years of experience with our award-winning podcast, the Brand Lab Series™, we are here to offer advice and guidance.

A Long Journey on the Red Line

For Fred Long, Chicago’s youth-focused nonprofit UCAN has been a ticket to a world that he never even knew existed growing up on the city’s South Side.

How to Become a Relevant B2B Seller

How often do you receive cold B2B sales emails and voicemails with similar language and no personal touch? The answer is likely every day, and more than likely, several times per day.

The Restoration of RH’s Brand

Today, RH is recognized for its high-end furniture with a price tag to match. However, RH was not initially created to be the luxury brand it is today.

The Cult Following of Fitness Brands

“It’s not about the workouts. It’s about the experience.”

How Can Your Brand Remain Relevant Today?

In order to remain relevant today, and for years to come, it is imperative that brands understand and are able to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Understanding your Director Level Buyer Personas

Understanding your buyer personas is critical to new business. In this Marketing Minute we share our original research on director-level employee personas.


"As always AE Marketing Group captured our brand essence in a way that was both creative and differentiating,” said Network Health Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Melanie Draheim. "I love these ads, but more importantly they've been effective in generating leads."

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