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The Future is Unknown: Rethinking Sales and Marketing During the Coronavirus


The coronavirus has changed everything.  In the fourth in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about how to rethink Sales and Marketing with Erin Kelly.  Erin is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Network Health, a Wisconsin-based health insurance company.

In this episode with Erin, you’ll learn about…

  • Pivoting Sales in Our New “Virtual Reality”
  • Maintaining Corporate Culture While Working Remote
  • Fostering an Environment of Innovation
  • Giving Back to Local Small Businesses
  • The Secrets of Good Storytelling

“It is about fostering an environment of creativity where everyone is encouraged to put their thinking caps on and throw ideas out there.”


Tags: B2B, B2C, Healthcare, Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience, Employee Advocacy, Technology

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