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The Future is Unknown: Rethinking Strategic Planning During the Coronavirus


The coronavirus has changed everything. In the first in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about how to rethink strategic planning with Bob Moesta. Bob is the President and CEO of ReWired Group, an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg, a guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT, and a research fellow at the Christensen Institute.

In this episode with Bob, you’ll learn about…

“It is about putting on a pair of lenses to find the good that can come out of this and figuring out what you can do today to get there faster.”

If you have questions for Brian or Bob send us an email (info@aemarketinggroup.com) or use the hashtag #AskBrianAndBob on Twitter.


Tags: B2B, B2C, CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Technology, Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience, Employee Advocacy, Entrepreneurship

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