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Outcome Health’s Operations Manager on Systems and Process in HealthTech

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Matt Kuzma Outcome Health’s Operations Manager on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 27

Before he joined one of the nation’s fastest growing healthtech companies, Matt Kuzma studied urban planning.  “The dirty work of actually changing the world, in whatever setting, comes down to what is the outcome you want to see and what is the next action you have to take.”

Sometimes companies get so caught up in the technology that they forget about the process. In healthtech, as in any company, process is the key to growth.

For many small companies, they face the problem of competing with large established firms. Matt says that while “you can’t compete with them on the scale, you can compete with them on the hustle.” While hustle is growth and growth is good, at some point, you need to scale the hustle to something else.

Process isn’t the only key to your bottom line margin. In an earlier podcast with Mike Wolfe, we talked about how process and growth are nothing if it is not engaging employees and providing exceptional customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience can be jeopardized when your processes are “clunky”. If employees don’t have time to build relationships because of clunky systems, then ultimately the customer is going to be less engaged. By optimizing the process, you increase the chance of success every step of the way.

Matt’s view on operations is similar to our companies view on brand, and how they both transcend the organization. Outcome Health, formerly ContextMedia, is approaching healthtech by aligning their system with every type of healthcare business.

From small private practices to large national healthcare systems, Outcome Health looks at both large-scale integrations of meaningful-use requirements and things like how a doctor can use a heart board. Even though the patients are the same, the business process and systems still need to be different.

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