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Build a Brand that Can Be Trusted with the Enterprise Lab Series™


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Executives often mistake a “brand” as a marketing or communications function. And that can be a costly mistake in terms of time, money, and resources.

In today’s demonstration economy a “brand” must transcend the entire company enterprise (employees, products, services, marketing, supply chain, etc.) to provide a strong pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase expereince for buyers and customers.

And while one can’t control all of these brand forces, all of the time – you can align them. The Enterprise Lab Series™ was designed to help companies align their brand to demonstrate and deliver a consistent, compelling experience at every touchpoint.

This is more imperative than ever as we are living in an era where empowered consumers or unhappy employees can build or destroy a brand’s reputation with the click of a button.  Recognize this reality and embrace the chaos.


Persuade the persuadable that your brand is one that they should aspire to be a part of. 


Executives who truly commit from a culture, process, and enterprise perspective, to deliver strong brand experiences will create loyalty – and loyalty pays big dividends.

    • Loyal customers who support a brand over time spend 67% more than new customers (Source: CMO)
    • Loyal employees who support their employer brand increase a company’s long-term market valuation 7.8% to 18.9% (Source: Harvard Business)


Personal experience with a brand is the most important factor in gaining or losing trust.


With brand loyalty comes trust, which is one of the most important factors in your customers’ decision making.  And it is up to you to demonstrate your brand can be trusted.  If you accomplish that you can expect positive results.


    • 75% of people with high brand trust say they will buy the brand’s product even if it isn’t the cheapest (Source: Edelman)
    • 60% of people with high brand trust say they’re comfortable sharing personal information with the brand (Source: Edelman)
    • 78% of people with high brand trust say they’ll likely share or repost content about the brand, recommend the brand, and defend the brand against criticism (Source: Edelman)


The Enterprise Lab Series™ helps executives build a brand that can be trusted by aligning…


Sales with Marketing

Product Development with Market Demand

Employee Engagement with Customer Experience


…leading to loyalty and resulting in raving fans from both your employees and ideal customers.


Enterprise Lab Series™ Framework