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Challenge Status Quo Thinking with Trends and Transformation Talks


Trends and Transformation Talks with AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker

Transformation.  It is something business leaders strive for, yet the very thought of transformation feels stressful.  And as a leader, you might ask…

…Are all levels of my organization prepared to look inward, outward, and adapt to be successful in today’s market place?

…Am I culturally prepared to transform my brand into a consumer-centric organization?

These questions are more critical now than ever.  A global pandemic, technology disruptions, and changing behaviors require you to break the status quo.  

It doesn’t matter the industry – whether a B2B company, a B2C company or a nonprofit  – success requires new ideas, new strategies, and possibly new markets.

Often transformation requires an outside voice to build interest and momentum and that’s how AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, can help your organization.

In addition to leading AE Marketing Group’s own transformation, Brian is an award-winning podcast host and entrepreneur.  He has been featured by Inc., Forbes, Branding Magazine, Chicago Inno, Modern Healthcare, and more.  Brian gives trend talks to industry groups, global brands, and guest lectures at universities.

Brian can share his expertise and experiences with your organization on a range of subjects including,

And while COVID-19 has paused in-person events and travel, Brian leverages virtual video technology and safe shooting practices to speak remotely.

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker on Virtual Transformation