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Services to Help Customers Succeed


AE Marketing Group’s services are designed to help executives think differently about the challenges they encounter and provide actionable solutions. Unfortunately, many of these challenges have accelerated as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted…

While every customer engagement is customized, and often confidential to ensure a competitive advantage, we provide a base of services outlined below.


Think Differently About Your Brand

With the Enterprise Lab Series™
Conducting and Enterprise Brand Lab with AE Marketing Group

This exclusive series helps our customers reimagine their brand as something bigger than just an advertising campaign or creative tactic. AE Marketing Group works with executives across organizations to build an enterprise brand that aligns sales with marketing, product development with market demand, employee engagement with customer experience, and more. The goal is to ensure that our customers can demonstrate and deliver a consistent, compelling brand experience at every touchpoint.  If done correctly, this will result in raving fans from both your employees and ideal customers.




Think Differently About Your Product Design

With the Co-Creation Lab Series™
Brian Walker AE Marketing Group CEO leads co-creation

Abandon legacy design thinking and research studies that validate what you think your customers need. Instead, focus on what the market actually needs. One of the best ways to understand market demand (even in a virtual environment) is through co-creation. AE Marketing Group’s industry-recognized Co-Creation Lab Series™ provides brands the opportunity to design new products, services, and experiences with customers and non-customers by giving them a seat at the design table.  It also has the added impact of building empathy and loyalty by removing barriers between your employees and your customers. If done correctly, this will result in improved revenue, operational effectiveness, customer experience, and more.




Think Differently About Your Customer

With the Buyer Persona Lab Series™Buyer Persona Lab Series™ from AE Marketing Group

Do you really understand who is buying your products or services, or more importantly, why? All too often, companies make assumptions about their customers – sometimes these assumptions are right, but too often they are wrong.  This leaves money on the table and raises questions about the effectiveness of sales and marketing.  However, AE Marketing Group can work with your sales and marketing teams, and interview your customer segments, to uncover the “struggling moments” behind why people buy your products or services.  If done correctly, this will identify behavior patterns and characteristics to improve the sales and marketing process, content, and impact.




Think Differently About Your Story

With the Storytelling Lab Series™The-Storytelling-Lab-Series-from-AE-Marketing-Group-1200x900

Communication and media preferences have changed drastically in the era of the coronavirus.  What hasn’t changed is the need to get the right people’s attention and then demonstrate a compelling reason why they should care. And that starts with your brand’s story.  AE Marketing Group will work with your team to tell a story that is consistent with who you are and what you stand for. We use a range of creative and media strategies to then bring that story to life.  If done correctly, this will elevate your position to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and set your brand apart.




Think Differently About the Status Quo

With Trends and Transformation Talks

While much of the workforce has become virtual, the need to stay competitive, relevant, and demonstrate to customers that you can help has never been greater. Status quo thinking will not sustain you during this season of change and we can help.  AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, is a frequent speaker at industry events and gives private talks to organizations on a range of emerging topics.  His expertise will have you rethinking how to approach our rapidly changing world.




Think Differently On Your Own Terms

Customized Services and ConsultingCustom Consulting Services from AE Marketing Group

When you meet any member of the AE Marketing Group team, you’ll notice we are a candid bunch. We are paid to provide a point of view based upon our expertise and will always share it with our prospects and customers.  This might include saying “no thanks,” referring you to a group better suited for your needs, or rolling up our sleeves to create something unique and valuable just for you.