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Today’s buyers should feel confident in their decisions and often look towards referrals and customer reviews for guidance. We believe the same should be true when choosing a brand strategy and product marketing company to help your business grow.

We asked a sample of our own customers to share their experiences firsthand for you. No leading questions, no scripts, no incentives.  Perhaps it will demonstrate the value we can provide your business.


Drive B2B Sales

Carson Conant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mediafly (a leading B2B tech company), believes that what sets AE Marketing Group apart from marketing companies is our ability to dig in and understand his business. This leads to increased sales. Carson recounts a prospect meeting during which AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, was able to explain Mediafly better than he was.


Don’t Waste Time

Penny Ransom, Chief Administrative Officer at Network Health (a B2B2C healthcare company), believes that AE Marketing Group is a special agency. As a busy executive, her time is precious. Penny knows that when she receives recommendations from us, they include all of the information she needs.  And when she attends industry conferences, she won’t see any other healthcare brands with the same strategy or creative as Network Health.


Improve the Bottom Line

Mike Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer at ZORCH (a high-growth B2B tech company), believes that what sets AE Marketing Group apart from other marketing companies is our ability to understand the ROI of marketing initiatives to impact the bottom line. Mike knows that our work has improved his business (Zorch is growing 5x the industry average) and he is able to clearly see the payoff.  


A Candid Partner

Tom Vanden Berk, CEO Emeritus at UCAN (150-year old non-profit), sees AE Marketing Group as a candid partner to his organization. Unlike other agencies, Tom knows that AE Marketing Group doesn’t come to the table with a cookie-cutter approach.  Instead, we work closely with his executive team to fully understand their organization and needs to have the biggest impact. 


Understand the CEO Mindset

Kimberly Jung, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rumi Spice (a global CPG company), knows her role requires a focus on goals bigger than just marketing. Kim appreciates that AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, understands this mindset and works to strategically set and achieve goals on an enterprise-wide scale to grow her business.


Not Transactional

Todd Connor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bunker Labs (a national NPO of US Military Veteran Businesses), knows that as a start-up, he needs to be able to clearly articulate his non-profits’ story and what it is trying to accomplish. Todd appreciates the AE Marketing Group does not view our partnership as a simple agency-client relationship. Instead, the AE Marketing Group team is committed to helping lift businesses and individuals to their highest potential.


Fuel Customer Experience

Melanie Draheim, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Network Health (a B2B2C healthcare company), recognizes that AE Marketing Group has helped to enhance their brand and keep a central focus on their customers. Melanie states that within the health care industry it is easy to assume what your customers need, but AE Marketing Group has helped them see the importance of involving and co-creating with customers. 


Impact Revenue Growth

John Evarts, Chief Operating Officer at Mediafly (a leading B2B tech company) appreciates the value AE Marketing Group provides by connecting his business with revenue-producing prospects. John talks about a time when AE Marketing Group connected Mediafly with a prospect and it ended up being their second-fastest deal ever closed.


Use Speed as Advantage

Keith Alaniz, Chief Financial Officer of Rumi Spice (a global CPG company), appreciates AE Marketing Group’s entrepreneurial mindset and perhaps most importantly our speed.  He cites our drive to move fast in the marketplace to help maximize his company’s limited time and resources.