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S3 E69

Base4 Chief Marketing Officer on Building the Hotels of the Future

With the help of technology and IOT, hotels are redefining the guest experience. Through co-creation and technology, the hotel guest experience is becoming more personalized and targeted.

S3 E66

Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead on the Internet of Things

Bosch is a global, iconic brand, characterized by innovative strength and social commitment. The company has seen great success in IOT, having sold 27 million web-enabled devices in 2016.

S3 E62

Bosch and 1871 on IOE, Co-Creation, and The Chicago Connectory

The Chicago Connectory is a co-creation community of entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators and creative minds.  The Connectory provides the technical support and industry expertise startups need to drive the future of IoT.

S3 E60

Kaizen Health’s CEO on HealthTech and Startup Growth

Co-founder and CEO of Kaizen Health, Mindi Knebel, saw a need to improve the access to healthcare through dependable non-emergency medical transportation ever since her family experience.

S2 E50

Mediafly’s COO and Chief Financial Officer on Marketing & Raising Capital as a Tech Startup

Mediafly's Chief Financial Officer and COO John Evarts moves fast. And, he has too. Because the Chicago Tech company is growing rapidly, redefining B2B sales and marketing.

S2 E48

IBM’s Director of Product Management for IoT on How Cognitive Computing Changes How We Interact

Cognitive Computing is rapidly changing how people interact. As a result, this creates opportunities and challenges for brands across all industries.  So we asked IBM's Director of Product Management for IoT, Luis Rodriguez, back to discuss.

S2 E46

Talent Jam’s Founder and CEO on StartUp Ecosystem

Serial Entrepreneur Tom Ryan is an expert in the startup ecosystem.  We first talked to the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur-in-Residence in episode 37 of the Brand Lab Series™.  

S2 E44

1871’s Chief Executive Officer on Leadership

Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871 returns to the Brand Lab Series™.  As someone who's built over 16 companies spanning four decades, he knows a thing or two about leadership. Looking back over 50 years, Howard shares the core concepts that have shaped his leadership style.

S2 E43

IBM’s Director of Product on How IoT is Disrupting Business Models & Entire Industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling unprecedented change and opportunity. Therefore, who better to discuss this with than Luis Rodriguez. He has not one, not two, but three degrees from MIT and is Director of IoT at IBM.

S2 E39

Technori’s CEO on Building Brand Fans and Equity Crowdfunding

Technori CEO Scott Kitun knows how to build momentum. And, Kitun moves fast, even if he's learning as he goes.  Due to his hustle, he rapidly grew WGN's “Tomorrow’s Business Today.”  Now, Scott's looking to grow another community, Technori.  

S2 E38

1871’s CEO on Entrepreneurship and Marketing

1871 CEO Howard Tullman has seen it all. For over forty years, he's built, invested and written about businesses. And Tullman shows no signs of slowing down. Today, he leads the largest business and tech incubator in North America, 1871.

S2 E37

Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence on State of Start-Ups

The Kauffman Foundation knows a thing or two about education and entrepreneurship. And, as a mentor to hundreds of founders, Tom Ryan knows a thing or two about startups.  

S1 E34

Deloitte’s Jonathan Copulsky on the Evolving Role of the CMO & CCO

As empowered consumers and technology shift brand power, pressure on a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Chief Content Officer (CCO) has never been greater. Who better to talk about the challenges facing a CMO or CCO than Jonathan Copulsky. He has held both positions at Deloitte, so he knows a thing or two about resilience.

S1 E31

Deloitte’s Principal and Global Insights Leader on How to Protect Brands from Insurgents

Deloitte Principal and Global Insights Leader, Jonathan Copulsky joins the Brand Lab Series™ to talk about protecting your brand today.  As the author of "Brand Resilience," Jonathan knows a thing or two about managing risk and recovery in a high-speed world.

S1 E27

Outcome Health’s Operations Manager on Systems and Process in HealthTech

Sometimes companies get so caught up in the technology that they forget about the process. In healthtech, as in any company, process is the key to growth.

S1 E25

American Marketing Association’s CEO on Marketing in the Digital Era

American Marketing Association CEO, Russ Klein has seen it all. At 29, and long before advertising had twenty-year-olds in leadership positions, Russ was CMO of Dr. Pepper.

S1 E24

Outcome Health’s Operations Manager Talks StartUp Growth & Scale

Outcome Health, formerly ContextMedia, has experienced explosive growth the past 5 years. However, growth and scale are child's play for Matt Kuzma, the company's Operations Manager.

S1 E22

LearnVest’s COO on FinTech

Deciding when to buy versus when to build technology is a question facing many C-Suite executives today.  However, for LearnVest, the dilemma was even bigger. The FinTech company was growing rapidly while simultaneously disrupting financial planning.

S1 E21

ThinkCERCA’s Co-Founder on Being a Millennial and Female Tech Entrepreneur

ThinkCERCA™ Co-founder, female entrepreneur and fast moving Millennial, Abby Ross talks about being “always on” in the EdTech industry.

S1 E20

ThinkCERCA’s Co-Founder on EdTech

ThinkCERCA™'s Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer, Abby Ross joined episode 20 of the Brand Lab Series™ podcast to share how technologists and educators are changing the way students learn.