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Bosch and 1871 on IOE, Co-Creation, and The Chicago Connectory


Dennis Boecker, Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead and Howard Tullman, 1871 CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 62

The Chicago Connectory is a co-creation community of entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators and creative minds.  As a center for IoT, the Connectory provides the technical support and industry expertise startups need to drive the future of IoT.

“The only way to address the speed that you need in the market,“ says Boecker, “is partnering and co-creating solutions.”

In today’s world, with entire industries in flux, and technology rapidly changing, companies must think differently to elevate their brand experience, improve their products, engage their employees and consumers, and inspire brand loyalty. Co-creation gives partners, customers, and sometimes non-customers a seat at the design table to inspire change and help reach a company’s full potential.

“Learning from each other and learning across industries is very significant,” says Tullman.

Tags: B2B, Technology, Co-Creation, Entrepreneurship, Technology

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