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Technori’s CEO on Building Brand Fans and Equity Crowdfunding


Scott Kitun Technori’s CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 39

Technori CEO Scott Kitun knows how to build momentum. And, Kitun moves fast, even if he’s learning as he goes.  Due to his hustle, he rapidly grew WGN’s “Tomorrow’s Business Today.”  Now, Scott’s looking to grow another community, Technori.  The largest startup showcase in the world, Technori live allows audience members to actively be involved in helping future startups.

This equity crowd-funding showcase shares stories and connects future customers, investors, and employees together to create communities around tech and innovation.

“Brand and Marketing are the number one most important thing for any company,” says Kitun, “But even more for startups.”
Don’t miss tonight’s equity crowd-funding Startup Showcase.

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