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Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead on the Internet of Things

Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead Dennis Boecker

Dennis Boecker Bosch’s Global IT Innovation Lead on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 66

Bosch is a global, iconic brand, characterized by innovative strength and social commitment. The company has seen great success in IOT, having sold 27 million web-enabled devices in 2016. By 2020, their target is for all their electronic products to be connected to the internet, and service enabled there.

Dennis Boecker is the company’s Global IT Innovation Lead. He discusses their success in IOT and the connection of product services and software. Furthermore, Dennis discusses the human element of IOT, and the extensive knowledge fueling the technology.

“Everything is getting easier, it is getting more personal, it’s getting more convenient, it’s getting safer with IOT.”

Hear Dennis along with Howard Tullman, 1871 CEO talk in-depth on IoT, co-creation and the Chicago Connectory in episode 62.

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