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1871’s CEO on Entrepreneurship and Marketing

1871 Chicago -ceo-howard-tullman-entrepreneurship-marketing-ae-marketing-group

Howard Tullman 1871’s CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 38

1871 CEO Howard Tullman has seen it all. For over forty years, he’s built, invested and written about businesses. And Tullman shows no signs of slowing down. Today, he leads the largest business and tech incubator in North America, 1871. AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker describes Tullman as the fastest person in all of 1871.  This week he joins the Brand Lab Series™ to share his insight on entrepreneurship, business, and marketing.

“Smart is the new handsome,” says Tullman, “and entrepreneurs are the new rockstar.”

Hear Howard Tullman’s podcast on leadership here. 

Tags: Technology, Brand and Marketing, Entrepreneurship

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