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Kaizen Health’s CEO on HealthTech and Startup Growth

kaizen health -mindi-knebel-healthtech-startup-growth

Mindi Knebel Kaizen Health’s CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 60

Kaizen Health is a health tech company using transportation to improve individual wellness and connectivity. “Kaizen, if you look at the name, it’s Japanese and it means ‘continuous improvement.’ That’s something that we think health care needs in general. That’s who we are as a culture.”

Co-founder and CEO of Kaizen Health, Mindi Knebel, saw a need to improve the access to healthcare through dependable non-emergency medical transportation ever since her family experience. She dug around and asked constituents the challenges of healthcare and if they could dream up a solution to make it better, and then successfully made it possible.


Tags: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Technology

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