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AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker Presents on Co-Creation at 2016 Health Plan Alliance Conference in Miami

AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, presented to the Health Plan Alliance Conference in Miami, Florida.  The national conference of health care executives focused on improving customer experience with health plans.  Walker shared his insight on using co-creation to improve product and experience design with customers and non-customers.  He was joined by Network Health Chief Administrative Officer, Penny Ransom to share her brands journey in co-creation.

Insight Innovation in Health invites Network Health and AE Marketing Group to present on Co-Creation

CoCreate Wisconsin was featured at the 2015 Insight Innovation Exchange Health Conference for its ground-breaking approach to consumer insight in the health care industry. Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penny Ransom, and AE Marketing Group’s CEO, Brian Walker, shared how CoCreate Wisconsin helped the smaller health brand outmaneuver larger brands in the industry, improved customer satisfaction, and drove operational change at IIeX.

AE Marketing Group launches CoCreate Wisconsin, a Consumer Movement Designed to Change the Health Insurance Industry

Network Health sought to cut the confusion surrounding healthcare and put consumers at ease by engaging Millennials and Baby Boomers to better understand their changing health insurance needs and establish authentic relationships with them. AE Marketing Group helped launch the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement, which has not only been a win for consumers, but its byproduct impact on Network Health’s brand and customer experience has been equally impressive.

AE Marketing Group leads the CoCreate Wisconsin Millennial Lab to Improve Customer Experience in The Health Insurance Industry.

CoCreate Wisconsin was designed to help change health insurance and improve customer experience in Wisconsin. People everywhere find the health insurance industry confusing and intimidating, which is what you get from years of design from the inside out. Network Health, along with AE Marketing Group, launched the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement, which activated consumers from across the state to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with the company, to improve the health insurance experience from the outside in.

AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Power of Co-Creation on Consumer Engagement

Brian Walker AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 2 AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker talks with co-host Natalie Pyles on episode 002 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Brian discusses the power of co-creation on consumer engagement. The CoCreation Lab Series™, founded by Brian, is all about designing products, services, and experiences with your customers. Co-creation brings meaningful insight into the consumer market, helps strengthen brand loyalty and empowers employees.