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Domino’s Sharing the Dough with Co-CreationApril - 2015

Increasingly, Domino’s is looking more like an e-commerce company than a pizza delivery company. Through multiple order pathways, including wearable technology and now co-creation, the brand is cooking up a whole new pizza experience and leaving the competition behind.


 So, how is the brand using co-creation to give customers a slice of the profit? 


Last July, Domino’s launched Pizza Mogul, a create-your-own-pizza campaign, which allows customers to design their own pizza, share it through their social networks, and get paid between $0.25 – $4.50 every time someone buys it.


The novel co-creation initiative puts the power of product development directly into the consumers’ hands, allowing them to use an online portal to mix and match their own pizza recipes by using a drag-and-drop ingredient menu. Users can choose toppings worth up to $4.50 and then fuel commissions by posting their creation via social networks.

As of February, Domino’s said that it had registered more than 55,000 “moguls,” who have created 160,000 pizzas.


Domino’s also reported that its half-year net profit after tax of $29.1 million was up 44.2 percent from the same period last year.


“Our progressive Pizza Mogul platform has been a major sales driver for us but it’s also a great example of what can be achieved when a company allows customers to champion their brand,” Domino’s Group CEO Don Meij said in a statement. “We are seeing huge amounts of user-generated content being produced by our passionate pizza lovers and this goes beyond our expectations.”

Update: All good things must come to an end, as evidenced by the end of the Pizza Mogul program. However, Domino’s newest customer-centric campaign in focused on paving roads and fixing potholes to ensure no damage comes to carry-out pizzas.

At AE Marketing Group, we too are empowering customers to champion brands through co-creation. And “People-powered pizza” is just one example of how companies can grow by working with consumers.

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