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AE Marketing Group’s CEO on Co-Creation and Customer Experience

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Brian Walker AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 19

Healthcare co-creation can help today’s brands connect with consumers in an industry of constant change.

In Episode 19 of the Brand Lab Series™, Brian Walker continues his conversation with Penny Ransom, the Chief Administrative Officer of Network Health on one of the most important elements of the organization’s success – healthcare co-creation.

When designing new products, services or experience for its customers – Network Health makes no assumptions. Over the last several years of their healthcare co-creation journey, Network Health team members and partners have traveled throughout Wisconsin to learn from customers and non-customers.

Once the health insurer identifies key themes from consumers, the company invites those same consumers inside the walls of their organization. They are given a seat at the design table with their employees to work together.

This healthcare co-creation journey has opened up new communication channels with Baby Boomers and Millennials on how to improve health insurance and be more sensitive to unique needs of each generation.

Brian asks Penny Ransom if it was hard to get Network Health leadership on board with the idea of pulling the public into the decision making process. Her answer is that is wasn’t really a difficult shift because she didn’t present them with much of an alternative. She knew it was the right move.

Last year, the Insight Innovation Exchange in Health recognized Network Health along with its co-creation partner, AE Marketing Group, for their groundbreaking approach to consumer engagement and research in healthcare.

In summer 2016, the brand received yet another award for its new digital health experience, which was the direct result of their healthcare co-creation efforts.

Some of the leading CMOs inside and outside of healthcare are using co-creation now, but many are still lagging behind.

Anyone who is a parent of a Millennial knows that they want to have a voice in what happens with their money, so until other organizations catch on to co-creation and to building a good customer experience, they will continue to trail.

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