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AE Marketing Group Leads a Co-Creation Lab for Veterans Day with Rumi Spice and 1871November - 2017


AE Marketing Group Leads Co-Creation Lab for Rumi Spice

On Veterans Day 2017, AE Marketing Group led a co-creation lab to bring together top marketers in 1871 to help the veteran-led, CPG startup, Rumi Spice.

Through this, Rumi sought to learn better ways to get their product into consumers’ hands. They are a small team with a limited budget; they need to know where their marketing dollars are best spent and how to stretch those dollars as far as they can go.

During the lab, the Rumi Spice team was introduced to a panel of select marketing experts specializing in CPG, social media, advertising, and co-creation. By the end, the Rumi Spice team was newly invigorated to push their message and products out into the market through these strategies. Their team was given varying areas to focus their marketing efforts on and were given access to some powerful contacts to help elevate their brand and stretch their marketing dollars farther. 

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