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Goldman Sachs, Aon Foundation & City Colleges of Chicago on Talent Co-Creation

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Goldman Sachs, Aon Foundation & City Colleges of Chicago on the BRAND LAB SERIES™ Ep 36

Talent is critical to business growth, customer experience, and brand culture. Talent is also a recurring theme heard from executives and entrepreneurs who’ve appeared on the Brand Lab Series™.

Episode 36 features a unique collaboration amongst Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, the Aon Foundation and the City Colleges of Chicago.   Together, the business, philanthropic and education groups used co-creation to provide talent opportunities to both students and businesses.

To discuss the unique private-public collaboration four guests joined the episode:

Talent Co-Creation

The Aon Scholars Progam provides high-performing students the opportunity to work with some of Chicago’s premier small or fast-growing businesses.   As a result of this program, AE Marketing Group’s own Anna Wassman first came to the company as an intern.

The collaboration came about to address two market problems.

  1. Money is often a challenge for smaller businesses to recruit talent
  2. Students lack exposure to real-world business experience outside the classroom

Therefore, the Aon Foundation worked with Thompson and Harold Washington College to help students.  Thompson then turned his efforts towards Bridges and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program.

Due to the co-creation, both barriers were removed for students and businesses.

Talent Experience

Because Anna herself went through the Aon Scholar experience, she talks about her journey as an intern. As a result, the conversation examines

In addition, Brian and Vasco provide their own experiences as business owners building brand culture and talent.  “The relationship just works,” said Bridges.

In conclusion, the episode provides a unique look at how co-creation solved a business problem.  As a result, it stimulates thinking on the future workforce.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at info@brandlabseries.com .

Thanks for listening, and join us again next Tuesday for the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast from AE Marketing Group.

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