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AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Power of Co-Creation on Consumer Engagement

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Brian Walker AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 2

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker talks with co-host Natalie Pyles on episode 002 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Brian discusses the power of co-creation on consumer engagement. The CoCreation Lab Series™, founded by Brian, is all about designing products, services, and experiences with your customers. Co-creation brings meaningful insight into the consumer market, helps strengthen brand loyalty and empowers employees.

Brian talks with Natalie about how co-creation is really about working together. Co-creation isn’t about just curating marketing content, it’s about working with customers to create new products, services, and experiences.  It requires companies to do more than hold focus groups and give surveys.

“I don’t think that consumers want to be in a sample size. They want more than to just be heard. I think they actually want to participate,” says Brian.

The beauty of co-creation is that you can scale it to fit what your brand wants. Finding consumers where they allow for brands to ask questions, listen and build relationships. Brands big and small are using co-creation to build consumer engagement. It’s not just throwing a promotion at consumers and hoping it sticks, it’s about truly working with customers to create a product that they want.

When you give your consumers a seat at the table they show up. From a business owner’s perspective, it is important to make sure that you are ready for the wave of feedback and input that you will get because if you build it they will come!

Tags: B2C, Co-Creation, Customer Experience

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