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On the AE Marketing Group blog, you’ll find helpful and actionable insight on strategy, media, technology, marketing, customer experience, co-creation, employee advocacy, entrepreneurship, and more.


In addition to our written blog features, we also produce the award-winning Brand Lab Series Podcast and the Marketing Minute video series.

Why Marketing is a Dirty Word

For most of my career, I’ve had the ear of the c-suite.  Our conversations cover a range of business language, but one word has always stood out.  That word is “marketing” and all too often, it is considered dirty.

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Helpful Coronavirus Resources for Executives

To help our customers and community navigate this period of uncertainty AE Marketing Group announces the following resources - including new podcasts, journalism features, remote strategy and marketing support as well as a relief fund for those in need.

VP and Director Outlook 2021

What do VPs and Directors expect in the year ahead? Read the 2nd Annual VP and Director outlook from AE Marketing Group.

C-Suite Outlook 2021

We asked 100 c-level leaders to share their 2021 outlook on revenue forecasts, product growth, sales, a remote workforce, and marketing investments.

How Can An Organization Maintain a Hometown Advantage in a Virtual World?

AE Marketing Group helped Network Health effectively communicate with and reassure members that their health insurance company wasn’t going anywhere.

Brand Success in a Marketing Minute

AE's Marketing Minute video series offers consumable pieces of advice and insight on a variety of marketing-related topics.

Fundraising Immunity: Nonprofits Must Pivot During COVID19

Learn how AE Marketing Group helped a non-profit transform their 21st Annual Youth Leadership Awards into a virtual event success story.

Learning New Skills: Meditation

Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years and thousands of studies show the positive impact a meditation practice can have on mental and physical health. 

Small Business Big Impact Fund

AE Marketing Group has launched the Small Business Big Impact Fund.  The goal of the fund is to provide small grants to businesses that are using its employees, products, and/or services to support others affected by the coronavirus.

Media Winners and Losers During the Coronavirus

Who are the media winners and losers during the coronavirus? What mediums are most effectively reaching consumers while they shelter-in-place?

The Second Company from the Second City

1871 has been a wonderful home to AE Marketing Group for the past four years. However, we have decided to design our “second company” in a new office.

What the C-Suite Read, Listened To, and Watched the Most in 2019

To provide c-suite employees and entrepreneurs with the insight needed to be better at their jobs in 2020, we analyzed our most engaged content of 2019.

So, You Want to Be a Marketing Manager? Here’s What It Takes.

Hi, I’m Alexa. No, not like the Amazon. But, I am the Marketing Manager at AE Marketing Group. So, if you want to know what a Marketing Manager does, here’s a look at my year.

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