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So, You Want to Be a Marketing Manager? Here’s What It Takes.December - 2019

Hi, I’m Alexa.

No, not like the Amazon

But, I am the Marketing Manager at AE Marketing Group. So, if you want to know what a Marketing Manager does, here’s a look at my year. In 2019, I….

Wrote and was featured in 23 Marketing Minute how-to videos that have been viewed over 60,000 times.




Wrote 17 blog posts that explored interesting brands like Airbnb, RH, and Glossier, offered advice and insight to fellow junior employees, explored buyer personas through original research, and more. 




Presented on AE’s work in healthcare marketing to a Graduate School class at my alma mater, Loyola University of Chicago.




Attended workout classes at SoulCycle, CorePower Yoga, and Orange Theory, all to inform a blog post on cult fitness brands and what we can learn from them.




Represented AE as a sponsor and spoke at UCAN’s Future Leaders Gala…and won more SoulCycle classes in the silent auction.




Was trained in podcasting and helped produce and promote 19 episodes for season 5 of AE’s award-winning podcast, The Brand Lab Series™.




Took the best food photo that I will likely ever take in my life. 




Wrote 16 radio ads for our customers.





Helped develop the strategy and foundation for two new customer campaigns. I then helped lead the client pitch and creative execution. 




Attended Chicago Ideas Week for the first time (and wrote a blog about it). 




Traveled to Wisconsin 11 times. 




Also traveled from coast to coast, visiting Silicon Valley, Colorado, and NYC for customer meetings, The Fast Company Innovation Festival, and Brand Lab Series™ production.




Helped tell the stories of Chicago area youth, resulting in record fundraising for UCAN’s Youth Leadership Awards Dinner.




And, in my personal life in 2019, I traveled to France, Peru, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I moved to a new apartment and I also adopted a dog.




It has been quite a year and I can’t wait for the new year (and decade) ahead. Thank you to the entire AE team for continuing to offer guidance, opportunities, and support.


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