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Brand Success in a Marketing MinuteJuly - 2020

AE Marketing Group produces a range of multimedia content to help our audience be better at their jobs. Our Marketing Minute video series offers consumable pieces of advice and insight on a variety of marketing-related topics. To provide you with the insight needed to succeed in a difficult and uncertain season, here are four of our most-watched Marketing Minute videos to help you rethink branding, content, digital marketing, and storytelling. 


What is Enterprise Branding?

Today’s consumers care more about a brand’s values, the quality of its products and/or services, and the customer experience, than a one-off ad campaign. Top-performing brands today understand that regardless of industry, a “brand” must be larger than an advertising function. If you are struggling to align your brand across your entire organization, check out this video


What Digital Metrics Are Most Important to Monitor?

When it comes to digital marketing, we are often inundated with so much data that it can be difficult to differentiate the vanity metrics from the valuable and insightful ones. Focusing on the right metrics is key to making smart business decisions and driving conversions online. If you need a refresher on what digital metrics are the most relevant and important to monitor, check out this video.


How to Use Podcasting to Help Your Business

In today’s attention-economy, it is hard to create original content that stands out amongst the noise. A medium that AE Marketing Group is intimately familiar with is podcasting, as we have produced six seasons of the award-winning Brand Lab Series™ podcast. This unique medium can be used by executives and entrepreneurs to not only better communicate and connect with their audience, but also to build revenue and new business opportunities. If you are considering starting a podcast of your own or within your business, or simply want to learn more about the medium, check out this video.


How to Harness the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling can be an incredible way to forge emotional connections with your audience, especially during a difficult or dark season like the one we are currently living through. Storytelling helps readers or viewers to connect with you on a deeper level, but it is a fine line as a lack of authenticity is easy to spot. If you need tips on how to effectively tell powerful stories, check out this video.

You can find our entire collection of Marketing Minute videos on our Youtube channel

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