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S5 E81

What You Need to Know About IP in a Digital Era

The definition and enforcement of Intellectual Property has changed a lot in the digital era. How can companies best protect themselves?

S5 E80

The Evolution of Digital Consumerism at Pimco

Today's consumers are digitally empowered, which changes how brands interact with consumers. Although financial services is a highly regulated industry, consumers have come to expect a seamless technological experience. Ainslie Simmonds explains how Pimco makes this possible.

S5 E78

Chatbots Are the Future of CX According to Kellogg/Medill Professor

We live in a digital era. Consumers are technologically empowered and they demand interactions tailored to their digital savviness. Learn how chatbots are the future of customer experience on the Brand Lab Series™ podcast.

S5 E77

Selling to the Modern Buyer in a Digital Age

If you are pitching your products or services with powerpoint presentations, you are not speaking to the modern buyer. Learn about sales enablement on the Brand Lab Series™ podcast.


Accenture Operations Blockchain Lead Melanie Cutlan in The Brand Lab™

Melanie Cutlan, Accenture Operations Blockchain Lead, sits down for a conversation on emerging blockchain technology.

S4 E75

Accenture Operations Blockchain Lead on Emerging Technology

Melanie Cutlan leads the Blockchain Practice for Accenture Operations, which helps clients transform their operations by harnessing talent, data, and intelligence to deliver the right information where and when it is needed.


Technology & Promotions Collide for $38B Pie

Since before Super Bowl I, two restaurant icons — Pizza Hut (est. 1958) and Domino’s (est. 1960) — have been battling over America’s appetite for pepperoni and cheese.


Farmer’s Fridge CTO Rajesh Karmani in The Brand Lab™

Rajesh Karmani, Farmer's Fridge's Chief Technology Officer, sits down for a conversation on smart fridges and customer experience.

S4 E71

Farmer’s Fridge Chief Technology Officer on Smart Fridges and Customer Experience

Farmer's Fridge is a venture-backed start-up on a mission to make fresh food available 24/7 through a growing network of 110+ smart, self-serve fridges. 


FCB Chicago’s CMO Kelly Graves in The Brand Lab™

Kelly Graves, FCB Chicago's CMO, sits down for a conversation on the role of an agency CMO.


United Airlines Hacks Into Co-Creation

Crime doesn’t pay. But co-creation does. Two computer hackers discovered as much when United Airlines paid them each a million frequent-flier miles for identifying security holes in its computer systems as part of one of the most intriguing co-creation initiatives we’ve heard about. After all, it’s not often that you hear about a global airline and outside hackers working together as one.


1871’s CEO Howard Tullman and Bosch’s Global IT Innovation Lead Dennis Boecker in the Brand Lab™

Bosch’s Global IT Innovation Lead Dennis Boecker and 1871’s CEO Howard Tullman sit down and share how their partnership has created an entrepreneur community through the Chicago Connectory on this exclusive Brand Lab Series™ interview.


Bosch’s Global IT Innovation Lead Dennis Boecker in the Brand Lab™

Dennis Boecker, Bosch’s Global IT Innovation Lead, sits down for a conversation on how IOT is changing the world today. Dennis shares how IOT is not just about technology, but about people. Enjoy another Brand Lab Series™ exclusive from AE Marketing Group.

S3 E69

Base4 Chief Marketing Officer on Building the Hotels of the Future

With the help of technology and IOT, hotels are redefining the guest experience. Through co-creation and technology, the hotel guest experience is becoming more personalized and targeted.

S3 E66

Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead on the Internet of Things

Bosch is a global, iconic brand, characterized by innovative strength and social commitment. The company has seen great success in IOT, having sold 27 million web-enabled devices in 2016.

S3 E62

Bosch and 1871 on IOE, Co-Creation, and The Chicago Connectory

The Chicago Connectory is a co-creation community of entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators and creative minds.  As a center for IoT, the Connectory provides the technical support and industry expertise startups need to drive the future of IoT.

S3 E60

Kaizen Health’s CEO on HealthTech and Startup Growth

Co-founder and CEO of Kaizen Health, Mindi Knebel, saw a need to improve the access to healthcare through dependable non-emergency medical transportation ever since her family experience.

S2 E50

Mediafly’s COO and Chief Financial Officer on Marketing & Raising Capital as a Tech Startup

Mediafly's Chief Financial Officer and COO John Evarts moves fast. And, he has too. Because the Chicago Tech company is growing rapidly, redefining B2B sales and marketing.

S2 E48

IBM’s Director of Product Management for IoT on How Cognitive Computing Changes How We Interact

Cognitive Computing is rapidly changing how people interact. As a result, this creates opportunities and challenges for brands across all industries.  So we asked IBM's Director of Product Management for IoT, Luis Rodriguez, back to discuss.

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