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AE Marketing Group’s CEO on Growing Brand and Business

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Brian Walker AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 1 – Podcast

AE Marketing Group presents episode 001 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Your hosts Brian Walker and Natalie Pyles broadcast every Tuesday from 1871 Chicago. The Brand Lab Series™ Podcast explores today’s most innovative brands alongside today’s most insightful executives and entrepreneurs.

Brian Walker gives us an inside peek at how AE Marketing Group was conceived in 2011 and how he has taken customer experience to a whole new level in the content marketing arena over the past 5 years. Their approach is refreshing as it focuses on value alignment and not just retention. AE Marketing Group has a gift for seeing what others don’t see, and we are proud to invite you along on our journey to explore just how they do it!

Tags: B2B, Entrepreneurship

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