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Simple Mills’ CEO on Branding in the Clean-Ingredient, Natural Food Category


Katlin Smith Simple Mills’ CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 58

Even as a young company of only four years, Simple Mills is already taking the clean, natural food market by storm. It is already a top 5 trending food on Insta Cart. Katlin Smith founded the company as she was cleaning up her diet and now helps consumers do the same.

Many companies claim to offer natural or organic ingredients but do not deliver on their promises. Katlin chose to stay true to the mission, purpose, and vision of Simple Mills to create a strong brand and gain consumer trust.

“When I look around store shelves, I see a lot of brands that have deviated from their tenets, especially for cost reasons. As I think about our products, we have very clear and outlined brand tenets that we don’t compromise on. And that sets us apart.”



Tags: B2C, Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience, Entrepreneurship

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