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Chicago Bulls’ Content Manager on Social Marketing in Professional Sports


Luka Dukich Chicago Bulls’ Content Manager on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 59

The Chicago Bulls are currently the second most followed North American sports team, and one of the most active and engaged professional sports franchises on all social and digital platforms. And, the Bulls’ Luka Dukich shares their secrets of success.

With 70% of their audience coming from outside the United States, the Bulls must be creative and savvy with their content to engage, humanize, and differentiate their team’s social accounts.

“Our entire content strategy is predicated on giving the fans something different that they haven’t seen before,” says Dukich.  “The Bulls are a good follow regardless of where you live, whether you’re here in Chicago, or you live in Europe, or you’re in the Philippines, we’re giving a view into the team that’s interesting, and that’s different.”


Tags: Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience

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