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RMC and Rottweiler Motorcycle’s CEO on Results Mindset and Leadership


Dr. De Hicks RMC and Rottweiler Motorcycle’s CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 61

Throughout his career, Dr. De Hicks has learned the power of a results mindset. He is the President and CEO of the RMC Group of Companies, including SCGI and Rottweiler Motorcycle. In addition, he serves as a senior leadership strategist for hundreds of companies helping leaders and teams create an engaged and resilient workforce.

Dr. Hicks discusses how our worldview and self-image are based on our mindset. Therefore, we have the extraordinary power to change our own mindsets and therefore our own worldviews. When we believe that there is always more to learn, it allows us to innovate and change, and it opens us up to new opportunities.

“I work consistently at daring people to be great,” says Hicks. ”When people choose adventure over comfort, they are better citizens, better family members, better members of the community, just better people.”

Tags: B2B, B2C, Entrepreneurship

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