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The Award-Winning
Brand Lab Series™

Named the top business and technology podcast by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards.

Listen to AE Marketing Group CEO’s conversations with today’s most innovative executives and entrepreneurs. Hear practical advice and insight on technology, customer experience, co-creation, marketing, employee advocacy, and more.

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S5 E88

Merrick Pet Care Vice President on Marketing an Emotional Category

How do you effectively market in an emotional category while still delivering on brand promises? Find out from Merrick Pet Care's VP of Marketing.

S5 E87

Signify (Philips Lighting) Head of Co-creation & People Insight on Co-creation

Head of Co-creation and People Insight at Signify in the Netherlands, Maarten Pieters joins the Brand Lab Series™ to discuss the co-creation journey.

S5 E86

Bob Moesta Talks Jobs to Be Done Theory and Demand-Side Innovation

Bob Moesta is an entrepreneur at heart and engineer by trade. As one of the principal architects of the Jobs to be Done theory, along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, Bob applies the innovation framework to everyday business challenges.

S5 E85

Base4 CMO on Modernizing a Lagging Industry

How can you modernize an industry that is 50 years behind? Find out from Base4 Hotels CMO, Blair Hildahl, on the Brand Lab Series™ podcast.

S5 E84

Mediafly CMO on the Move from Agency Life to Brand Life

How does agency life differ from brand life, especially within the Csuite? Find out from Mediafly CMO, Isabelle Papoulias, on the Brand Lab Series™ podcast.

S5 E83

Middleground IT Co-Founder on Defending Against Cyber Attacks

Everyday there is news story about a data breach, hacking, ransomware, phishing, and more. Sagar Pandya, Co-Founder of Middleground IT, explains cybersecurity and ransomware in a digital age.

S5 E82

Honeywell Director of Product Management on IoT Growth

The commercial security division of Honeywell is using IOT, facial recognition, and cognitive computing to protect not just what matters, but what matters most to us.

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