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Simple Mills’ Founder on Leadership Lessons


Katlin Smith Simple Mills’ Founder on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 64

Katlin Smith is a named 30 under 30, an Inc Magazine Contributor, and the Founder and CEO of Simple Mills. She believes that her entire journey as an entrepreneur contains valuable lessons, none of which she would take back.

Katlin discusses the long hours and make-shift equipment needed early on. She goes on to discuss the importance she placed on setting the appropriate company culture and the process of finding employees who fit the mold.

Finally, Katlin discusses how it felt to turn over responsibility to others and enable employees to work for Simple Mills. She talks about the stress of financial first rounds and what that looked like then, versus how financials look now. She finishes up by discussing the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, no matter the workload.



Tags: B2C, CPG, Brand and Marketing, Employee Advocacy, Entrepreneurship

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