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AE Marketing Group on Digital, Podcasting and Creative Trends in 2018

2018 Trends for Brands from AE Marketing Group

AE Marketing Group Team Brand Roundtable Ep 65

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker sat down with team members to celebrate another record year across our customer portfolio. The conversation quickly pivoted to discuss important marketing topics, trends, and experiences brands must get right to succeed in 2018.

The conversation starts with digital marketing, including more podcasting.  Brand Lab Series™ producer, Natalie Pyles shares her expertise on the medium, “There are two main avenues for the podcast medium – you’re either going forward with building a tribe because you want to sell something, or you’re there to entertain and you want to tell a story. But either way, you have to realize that both forms are still art. You are making something that you want people to want to listen to, so you have to edit it really clean and really tight.”

As brands continue to look at storytelling as a differentiator, documentary producer, Charlie Fristchner said, “One of the most interesting parts of AE’s style when developing stories is the time and effort on pre-production.”  Added Fristchner, “really sourcing stories and spending time getting to know people and not necessarily thinking of the direct return, but more finding little intimate pieces of their lives that you think you can bring to life onscreen.”

Creative Director Caleigh Ripp even weighed in on Pantone’s color of the year, “Ultra-violet is an excellent choice from Pantone in 2018 as it’s compatible across seasons and across mediums.”

Tags: B2B, B2C, Brand and Marketing, Co-Creation

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