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Camp Kesem’s Chief Development Officer on Parents and Brands Today

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Jim Higley Camp Kesem’s Chief Development Officer on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 14

Jim Higley is an award-winning author and a national advocate for fatherhood and men’s health issues. Every day, brands target parents in their marketing efforts, but are they making a huge mistake by ignoring modern gender role sharing? Today in Episode 014 of the Brand Lab Series Podcast AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker and co-host Natalie Pyles welcome back Jim Higley.

Think about how dads are portrayed in commercialism and media. These images are certainly more positive than they were 10 years ago. Jim wants to bring to light the things companies are doing right. Consider the Subaru campaign with Jim Gaffigan or the Dove Men+Care campaign. These brands are connecting with dads in a completely new way and the impacts will be immeasurable as they promote and praise fatherhood.

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