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AE Marketing Group’s CEO on Marketing to Generation Z

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Brian Walker AE Marketing Group’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 15

Generation Z is the newest audience for brands to reach. They may be young, but they have a significant amount of influence over spending decisions. Today in Episode 015 of the Brand Lab Series Podcast Brian Walker and Natalie Pyles welcome each of their own 8-year-old children to give us a glimpse of what this next generation of consumers can’t live without.

We begin by asking Annette Walker and Davy Pyles about their favorite toys, tv shows, and books. Aside from being quite charming, it is interesting to see what has staying power here because young kids tend to like what they like for a common reason. It’s imagination. Kids want to be able to play out, imagine and experience what they see on tv, and that is what sells.

However, in order to tap into imagination, brands must ensure good design, content, and experience is always at play with this audience.

Listen in as Brian shares industry insights into marketing and what the trends are telling us about Generation Z.

Tags: B2C, Brand and Marketing

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