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Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer on Healthcare Branding & Rise to C-Suite

healthcare marketing-Network-Health-Chief-Administrative-Officer-Penny-Ransom-on-Healthcare-Branding-and-rise-to-c-suite

Penny Ransom Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 18

Most healthcare marketing managers don’t rise to the C-Suite, but then Penny Ransom isn’t like most people.  In Episode 18, Brian Walker welcomes Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer to share her journey and insight on healthcare marketing.

Penny describes her career path to the C-Suite as one that blended the importance of communications with the understanding of the operations.

That experience was put to the test when she came to Network Health in 2010. Only one in three consumers had ever heard of the health insurance company and there was a marketing department of just two.  She not only had to build a brand, but the operations and processes needed to make that brand successful.

By drawing on research and consumer insights in order to tap unmet market needs, Network Health faced industry deficiencies head-on and dared to be different both strategically and creatively.

The entire organization took a pledge to end the jargon and stripped away all the confusion around health insurance language.

The result was a 26 percentage point increase in awareness and the highest familiarity rate of any health plan with local employers in less than eighteen months.

Brian and Penny talk about their journey together from Leap Day 2012 to Leap Day 2016. Network Health transformed its brand to fuel tremendous growth, designed new products and services through co-creation, increased its digital community 900%, expanded markets and launched health exchange plans.

However, two metrics most important to Ransom included, 1) Customer Satisfaction (the company’s scores not only exceed national but most importantly Wisconsin benchmarks and competitors.) and 2) Employee Retention (the average employee tenure is 6 years and they have nearly doubled in size.)

In summer 2016, Network Health again is leading the industry with a documentary style campaign that looks at the personal lives of their employees through an unscripted lens.

We are sure you’ll enjoy all of Penny’s insight from both a brand, leadership, and employee advocacy point of view.

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