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ThinkCERCA’s Co-Founder on EdTech

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Abby Ross ThinkCERCA’s  Co-founder on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 20

EdTech is certainly a growth industry.  However, the Gates Foundation doesn’t award every EdTech StartUp a Literacy Courseware Challenge Grant. And, Bill Gates doesn’t call technology “game-changing” often.

That fast-growing company is ThinkCERCA™. The EdTech company’s Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer, Abby Ross joined episode 20 of the Brand Lab Series™ podcast to share how technologists and educators are changing the way students learn.

Abby learned the value of education early and often as the daughter of two teachers.  Now she is able to marry her passion and expertise to help students build critical thinking skills.

Teachers can help student reading, writing, collaboration and communication skills because of ThinkCERCA™’s technology. Due to their content platform, lesson plan libraries can be customized down to student level.

Abby, Natalie, and Brian discuss the rapid changes in education, innovation, and co-creation.  Brian also asks Abby about growth, student data and the recognition ThinkCERCA™ has received over the last few years.

Throughout the interview, Abby provides a good perspective on the growing space.  We hope you enjoy the episode.


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