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American Marketing Association’s CEO on Brand Transformation

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Russ Klein American Marketing Association’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 28

Russ Klein has been called “Advertiser of the Decade” by Ad Age. His experience in brand transformation has led him to his role as CEO at the American Marketing Association.

At age 29, Russ was the CMO of Dr. Pepper. He learned that “Turnarounds are not about turning around brands, they are about turning around people.”

It’s through people that you will generate change and create new outcomes.

Flash-forward to today, and Russ is realigning the American Marketing Association in the digital era through change management.

Brand Transformations

Today’s brands are being transformed by the changing expectations in industries. Customers expect a frictionless experience across all brands.

As a result, Russ talks about how co-creation can help brands achieve this. An engaged customer is bringing power back to the brand through participating in the overall experience.

“Healthy tensions lead to better work” As long as the organization is still focused on the customer, then this will result in better work product, innovations, and overall brand transformation.

From “Flamethrower” to “Torch Bearer”

While his flame may not be as bright as it once was, it has transitioned to a slow powerful burn.

Ultimately, Russ credits these his leadership titles to his managerial courage:

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