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Benedictine University’s President on Higher Education Brands

Benedictine University -President-Dr-Michael-Brophy-higher-education-brands

Dr. Michael Brophy Benedictine University’s President on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 42

Benedictine University began 130 years ago in Chicago. Today the University serves students throughout the world, from China, Vietnam, the US and online. Furthermore, fierce competition, empowered consumers, along with rising costs have education in flux.

Therefore, we asked Benedictine University President Dr. Michael Brophy to join the Brand Lab Series™.  As a result, he shares his insight on leading a fast growing global education experience.

Especially relevant is Brophy’s own experience with students. “I give freshman my mobile number and tell them they can text me anytime throughout the year.”  Consequently, this makes for interesting texts, but more importantly a personal connection.

Tags: Nonprofit, Brand and Marketing, Customer Experience

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