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Rumi Spice’s Co-Founders on Connecting the Global Economy with Saffron

Rumi Spice -connecting-global-economy-with-saffron-ae-marketing-group

Kimberly Jung and Keith Alaniz Rumi Spice’s Co-Founders on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 41

Rumi Spice began with a mission to cultivate peace in Afghanistan. Today, the company is building a global brand and connecting the global economy with Saffron.

And it all starts in Afghanistan.  A place Rumi Spice CEO Kimberly Jung and CFO Keith Alaniz know well.

Being military veterans, “It’s our message that gets us in the door,” says Keith, “And it’s the superior product that makes the sale.”

As Rumi Spice expands into new markets, they face new marketing challenges.

“B2C engagement is much more personal,” says Kimberly, “We need to be much more personal and concise with our consumers.”

Tags: CPG, Entrepreneurship

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