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The American Marketing Association’s Chief Experience Officer on Design Thinking and Empathy

“Having someone in the C-suite focusing on experience means that someone is focusing on empathy.” The ​American Marketing Association (AMA)​ is a professional association for marketers with ​over 30,000 members across 76 professional chapters. Their headquarters are located here in Chicago, and Russ Klein, featured on our ​Brand Lab Series™ podcast​, was named CEO in 2014.  The AMA strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world and hopes to become the essential community for marketers.

Dark Matter’s ‘Minister of Propaganda’ on Service and Employee Engagement

Walking into any Dark Matter location is a completely unique coffee shop experience. Depending on the shop you visit, the walls may be covered in psychedelic graffiti art, murals, mounted swords, abstract art, or dinosaur skeletons. You very well may stand in line between a businessman in a three-piece suit and a punk-rock chick. Your barista will likely have a tattoo sleeve, a half-shaved head, or pink hair. But what makes the Dark Matter experience truly unique, is that no matter what location you go to, who you stand in line with, or who takes your order, you will be greeted with a smile, treated like family, and made to feel at home.