Hannah's Bretzel CEO Florian Pfahler on Uber Competition, Brand, CX and Sandwiches in the Brand Lab Series™
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PLAYING: Hannah’s Bretzel CEO Florian Pfahler on Uber Competition, Brands, CX and of course Uber Sandwiches | Ep 55
May 30, 2017 | Podcast Episodes

Hannah’s Bretzel’s philosophy is to start with quality ingredients and follow with a conscience. With locations throughout Chicago, Hannah’s Bretzel serves gourmet uber sandwiches, while striving to positively impact stakeholders. As a result, Hannah’s Bretzel has landed the Chicago Magazine Green Award, the Kenmore Best Sandwich in Chicago Award, and the Chicago Magazine Best Local Chain Award.

Because the category is highly competitive, CEO Florian Pfahler blended his marketing background and German roots with his interests in culture.  In addition, the brand uses sustainability to create, arguably, the best sandwiches in Chicago, if not beyond.

“The category we are in is extremely data driven,” says Pfahler. “However, it’s interesting, the emotional bond that develops between the sandwich and the customers.” says Pfahler.

Brand Lab Series™ Episode 55 Show Guide – Hannah’s Bretzel

  • Innocent Beginnings
  • Whole Food’s Inspiration
  • Food Transparency
  • Commitment to the Pillars of a Brand
  • New Food Experiences
  • Technology Innovation
  • The Culture Council
  • Cautious Expansion

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