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Harness the Power of StorytellingSeptember - 2020

If your brand is able to authentically harness the power of storytelling, you’ll elevate your position to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and set your brand apart.

Storytelling can be an incredible way to forge emotional connections with your audience, especially during a difficult or dark season like the one we are currently living through. Storytelling helps readers or viewers to connect with you on a deeper level, but it is a fine line as a lack of authenticity is easy to spot.

Getting attention can come in a lot of different forms, but one way to really stand out can be stories.

Compared with things like numbers, arguments, or jingles, the power of storytelling is best at showing two things in particular – the first is relatedness and the second is fairness.

Relatedness may come from obvious things like the way someone looks, how they talk, or even how they cook. But it can also come from things that are deeper, like their relationship with their parents or how much they love their children.

Even more powerful can be fairness. When someone perceives something as unfair, it activates a part of their brain linked to disgust, which results in a powerful threat response that can spur action.

But be careful, none of this matter if your stories aren’t authentic. Just as recognizable as relatedness or fairness, is a lack of authenticity. When you cut corners on authenticity you risk not just telling a bad story, but ruining trust in your brand in the long term. So, when you’re thinking about effective use of stories, remember three things – relatedness, fairness, and authenticity.

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