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What is Enterprise Branding and How Can it Change Advertising?September - 2020

AE Marketing Group uses enterprise branding to align organizations and create a seamless customer experience.

Our agency exists to build better brands because we believe brands are greater than advertising campaigns.

Today’s consumers care more about a brand’s values, the quality of its products or services, and customer experience than an advertising campaign.

Think about it. If you see an amazing advertising campaign for a new product, you may be incentivized to buy it. But, if you walk into their store and the salespeople are rude, or, you order the product online but your package gets lost in transit and you can’t get ahold of customer service, you are immediately going to be turned off to the brand.

Furthermore, let’s say you buy the product, but later realize it doesn’t work how you expected it to and it doesn’t live up to the promises made in the advertising campaign. It is likely you won’t make another purchase from this company, and you may send the product back.

The best brands today understand that no matter the industry, your brand has to be bigger than just an advertising function, it needs to transcend your entire enterprise.

Therefore, enterprise branding is where HR, product development, operations, sales, and marketing meet. It aligns an organization to create a seamless experience for customers. When a company gets this right, the brand can reach a point where advertising isn’t needed as much.

Look at Apple. Everyone is familiar with the brand, and many people are very loyal to it. This is because Apple’s brand is aligned and customers can count on the experience and product to live up to Apple’s promises.

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