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Healthcare Co-CreationAugust - 2020

AE Marketing Group uses healthcare co-creation to help our customers improve the industry as a whole from the inside out.

How can co-creation improve the healthcare industry? By working hand-in-hand with employees, customers, and non-customers, you can design products and services that people actually want to buy.

The health insurance industry had hit a 10-year low on the America Customer Satisfaction Index because the industry lagged behind in terms of customer experience improvements. And, leadership at Network Health realized that they, like most of their industry peers, were assuming far too much about what their customers wanted. They were designing customer experiences from the inside out when what they needed was genuine input from, and authentic relationships with, their customers.

Network Health sought to cut the confusion surrounding healthcare and put consumers at ease by engaging Millennials and Baby Boomers to better understand their changing health insurance needs and establish authentic relationships with them. To do so, they sought the help of AE Marketing Group.

AE Marketing Group used co-creation to launch the Co-Create Wisconsin Movement, which empowered consumers across the state to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with Network Health to improve the health insurance experience from the outside-in by designing new products, services, and experiences – together.

The movement was recognized by the AMA, Insight Innovation Exchange, Health Plan Alliance, Huffington Post, Innovation Learning Network, and more

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