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Millennial Co-CreationAugust - 2020

As the most educated and mobile generation, millennials may be one of the most difficult markets to target. Millennial co-creation takes the guesswork out of designing products or services for a millennial audience.

When it comes to health insurance, millennials aren’t the only ones who find themselves confused and dissatisfied.

The health insurance industry just hit a 10-year low on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, coming in lower than the airline industry, landline phone providers, and the U.S. Postal Service.

But Network Health, a Wisconsin health insurance company, was determined to change that. And it succeeded in doing so through an award-winning co-creation movement that’s empowered Millennials all over its home state to help design new products and experiences in health insurance.

Leadership at Network Health realized that they, like most of their industry peers, were assuming far too much about what their customers wanted. They were designing customer experiences from the inside out when what they needed was genuine input from, and authentic relationships with, their customers.

Something had to change. Especially with an expansion in the company’s products and services on the horizon.

So Network Health launched the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement. The goal was to get Network Health customers and noncustomers alike to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with the company to improve the health insurance experience.

Thirty members of the CoCreate Wisconsin team embarked on a road trip to talk with Millennials across Wisconsin. As it turns out, Wisconsin Millennials didn’t want to just be heard but wanted to participate in fixing an industry full of complexity.

Network Health was able to bring these consumers inside the walls of their organization to co-create new products and services hand-in-hand.

Network Health listened to the technological insight during their Millennial Co-Creation labs and created a new mobile health delivery solution that received a 2016 Digital Health Award.

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