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B2B Tech MarketingAugust - 2020


B2B tech marketing is a highly competitive space. Differentiating your brand by informing and educating your buyers instead of interrupting and selling to them allows you to breakthrough.

When 6sense, a leading ABM orchestration platform, sought the advice of AE Marketing Group to build thought leadership in the ABM space, we created TalkingSense™.

6sense, which was named one of the top 100 startups in the world by CNBC, gives revenue teams the power to know everything so they can do anything.

TalkingSense™ is a collection of conversations with industry trendsetters who are using technology to drive demand, foster relationships, and grow revenue. 6sense highlights these individuals to help the entire B2B sales and marketing community grow.

The show is truly about differentiation in the B2B tech marketing space. When AE Marketing Group pitched the idea, we were looking to solve a business need within 6sense, but also to create something new and different within the ABM space.

TalkingSense™ serves as a platform to curate the career paths, research, and experience of modern B2B industry leaders. The show delivers timely inspiration, ideas, and life lessons to the B2B community in fresh fun, and consumable way. 

TalkingSense™ also serves as a new business tool for 6sense, by educating, empowering, and informing consumers.

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